Income Tax Preparation and Planning Services for Tukwila, WA

At Capital Tax Services Inc. located in Kent, WA, our tax preparation and planning professionals offer tax services to help you accurately and efficiently file all of your income tax returns – local, federal, and state. We apply our extensive knowledge of personal and business taxes and the laws and regulations governing your filing and payment requirements. Our team provides tax preparation services to help you minimize your tax liability to the government. We offer our services to residents of Tukwila, WA, and the surrounding areas.

The various tax services we offer include:

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Through our trust and estate tax preparation services, we can help ensure you do not overpay on your taxes, but rather keep your obligations to the minimum required by law. Our services help you structure your estate and trusts and promote the most efficient estate asset distribution to your heirs.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Our team performs tax preparation and planning, exploring all options to reduce and minimize your future tax requirements. We help you manage your business and personal taxes along with other tax issues, supplying you with the advice and knowledge your need for future business opportunities and decisions that could impact your tax status and vice versa.

Business Consulting

As your reliable business partner, our team can deliver the consulting services you need for tackling business decisions and projects, in addition to business opportunities and challenges.

Tax and Financial Analysis

We offer complete tax and financial analysis services to help you make the important financial decisions you need to make to place yourself or your business in the optimum financial position.


If you are facing specific tax obligation issues for which you need help before the IRS or state, our tax professionals can help. We offer state and federal income tax help that includes any needed representation services before applicable tax authorities.

We also provide other income tax preparation and tax and planning services, including those that involve Tax Debt Settlement, Sales Tax Services, Audit Help, Retirement Tax Planning, Business Coaching, and the Selection of a Business Entity.

For the tax solutions you need, look no further than our team at Capital Tax Services, Inc.

You can depend on our team to provide you with a complete evaluation of your personal or business tax issues. In doing so, we can develop the optimum solution that keeps your tax liabilities to a minimum while meeting all of your tax obligations.

For the income tax help, and other tax preparation, and planning services we offer for Tukwila, WA area residents and businesses, or to request a free 30 minute consultation, call us today at 425.251.3203 or fill out our contact form.